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If you haven’t played games on your Amazon Echo yet, you’re missing out. Thanks to a tsunami of development, there are now thousands of Alexa games. From the Amazon Echo Dot to the Echo Show, there is now a myriad of fun skills available.

Our Top 10 Best Alexa Games

Best Alexa Games

“Alexa, play Song Quiz”

Open with Alexa

Song Quiz

First of all, clearly one of the best Alexa games available for Alexa is Song Quiz by Volley Inc. Song Quiz is a tantalizing choice for music buffs. Or those who think they are. Activate this skill on your Echo and test your wits one on one against players across the globe. You can also play up to 8 players in the same location.

After that, guess the correct song title and artist from a cornucopia of musical offerings. Whether you have a hankering for R&B music from the nineties or think you’re a rock-and-roll wizard when it comes to classic rock from the sixties, this Alexa game just might knock you down a peg or two as it tests your musical memory expertise.  Also, Volley recently released a country music only version called Country Song Quiz.

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Alexa Games

“Alexa, open Guess my Name.”

Guess My Name

Next up, from AskLifeBot, the Guess My Name Alexa skill is an excellent choice for those looking for family-friendly Alexa skills. You can play this Alexa game on your own or in a group, testing your skills as you try to guess who Alexa is describing. Once you think you know the correct answer, shout your guess at Alexa to see if you are right.

Alexa Games

“Alexa, play Yes Sire”

Yes Sire

Rated mature, the Yes, Sire Alexa game also from Volley Inc. is not for novice Alexa players. You’ll need to test your decision-making skills as you rule over your empire of peasants and make increasingly difficult choices as to how you rule your kingdom. Be careful with your choices, as one false move could cost you your empire and doom you to a catastrophic fall from grace.  Not only is Yes, Sire one of the best Alexa games it is also one of the first to offer premium expansions for power players.

Alexa Games

 “Alexa, Play Would You Rather”

Would You Rather for Family

Would You Rather for Family is a must-activate skill for family fun. Offering everything from Harry Potter to Disney, this enchanting Alexa game will keep your family occupied for hours. This Alexa game will offer you two goofy suggestions and you must decide which of the options offered is your favorite. Be prepared to have your smartphone video camera rolling as you’re sure to catch your family members making all sorts of questionable decisions!


Best Alexa Games

“Alexa open Heads Up! and play Superstars”

Heads Up!

Offered by the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Heads Up! Alexa skill should be used with caution. Activate this Alexa game and chances are good your sides will ache from laughing so hard. Attempt to guess anything from celebrity names to movie titles as your Alexa-enabled device spouts clues in your direction. You better be fast with your answers or time will run out and your Alexa device will be crowned the Heads Up! winner.
Best Alexa Games

“Alexa, start Animal Game”

Animal Game

The Animal Game Alexa skill from Azalea Labs is a terrific choice for parents wanting to teach their children about a variety of animals. Choose an animal and then see if your Alexa-enabled device can guess the correct one. Your kids will need to know everything from where the animal lives to its color and method of moving. With over 300 animals Alexa is capable of guessing, your kids will have a riot trying to stump Alexa.

Best Alexa Games

Alexa open Escape the Room”

Escape the Room

The Escape the Room Alexa game from Stoked Skills is a must-try game for hardcore gamers. Test your power-of-observation skills as you attempt to flee from a room you’re imprisoned in. You’ll need to have an excellent memory and critical thinking skills if you hope to escape the confines of your current predicament. Do not try this game if you’re easily frustrated or have a hair-trigger temper; you might end up pitching your Alexa device across the room if Alexa tests your escape tactics.

Best Alexa Games

“Alexa open Word Play”

Word Play

Also available from Stoked Skills, the Word Play Alexa game is a fabulous find for those with a penchant for words. Test your skills against those in your home or compete against Word Play players from around the globe. See how you stack up on the leaderboard. Receive only a letter or two and try to fill in the blanks and choose the right word corresponding to your quiz. If you want to improve your vocabulary and have a great time doing so, this is a fun and family-friendly Alexa game to try.

Best Alexa Games

“Alexa, play True or False”

True or False

Next up, by Iguana ISD, the True or False game for Alexa will help you test your memorization and knowledge skills. Listen as  Alexa offers you a variety of clues and then determine which ones are true and which are false. In the current era of ‘fake news’, testing your wits against your Echo to determine which statements are true and which are false is a skill every news enthusiast should hone.

Best Alexa Games

“Alexa, ask Fortnite Dropper where we dropping boys.”

Fortnite Dropper

If you’re one of the millions of people enthralled with Fortnite (epicgames.com/fortnite), consider activating the Fortnite Dropper game on your Alexa-enabled device. This fun addition to your gaming activities will help you decide where to land in Fortnite.  It just might improve your gameplay.

These top 10 best Alexa games are terrific options for those who want to get even more enjoyment out of their voice-activated digital assistants. Activate each of these must-try games on your smart assistant and see which ones will become your favorites.

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