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Are you a designer who wants to put the power of voice computing to work for your brand? Do you like the idea of using voice-enabled technology to improve how your productivity as a designer? There are a growing number of Alexa skills designers can activate on their Amazon Echo. Check out the following roundup of Alexa skills for designers to see which ones can help make you a more efficient creative worker.

Alexa Skills for Designers

Alexa, ask Fuse Design for a tip.

Fuse Design UX Tips

For designers who want to improve their user experience design abilities, the Fuse Design UX Tips Alexa skill is a must-discover tool. This powerful voice-activated skill will read you user experience design tips to help you improve your skills. Become a better designer simply by listening to UX tips while you work or relax on your lunch break.

Best of Alexa

Alexa, ask Color Convert to convert hex F F 0 0 F F to rgb

Color Convert

If you are tired of constantly referring to your designer’s cheat sheet to find the right HTML codes for specific colors, activate the Color Convert skill on your voice-enabled Amazon device. This time-saving skill will automatically tell you the correct hex color when you are doing color conversions in your designs. Receive your converted color information in either 3-digit or 6-digit format. Who knew color conversions were so easy, right?

Best of Alexa

Alexa, ask Design Quotes to tell me a quote

Design Quotes

If you occasionally need design inspiration while you are working, activate the Design Quotes Alexa skill. This nifty skill lets your Alexa-enabled device read you random design quotes throughout your day. Hear tips from well-known designers to encourage your creative process and help you keep pushing forward even when you aren’t feeling motivated.

Best of Alexa

Alexa, enable Design Toast.

Design Toast

If you want to hear more than just inspirational design quotes, the Design Toast Alexa skill might be just what you need. This helpful flash briefing will read you design articles from Smashing Magazine while you work. Hear the latest information from others in your industry and pick up tips you can incorporate into your own design activities.

Alexa, open my prototypes.

Voice Design Tools

If all this talk of Amazon Alexa skills has left you feeling inspired, consider adding the Voice Design Tools skill to your voice-enabled device. This awesome skill will help you create your own Alexa skills to share with your colleagues or clients. Build a skill that showcases your design expertise or offers answers questions your clients frequently ask.

Integrating voice-enabled computing into your daily life is a fabulous way to take your design skills to the next level. You can become a more productive designer simply be having your Amazon Alexa-enabled device talk to you while you are working. Check out these Alexa skills for designers to see which ones you’ll be activating on your Amazon Echo.

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