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We’ve put together a list of our favorite, funny Alexa skills to try out on your Amazon Echo.  If you have one you love that we’re missing, just leave it in a comment.  If it gets a chuckle from our team we’ll probably add it.

Top 5 Funny Alexa Skills

“Alexa, Red Alert!”

1. Star Trek – Red Alert!

Red Alert is our top pick for our funny Alexa skills even though on its own, it’s not that funny.  Huh?  Say “Alexa, Red Alert!” and the iconic Trekkie siren comes whaling our of your Echo.  Now, the laughs are up to you.  It’s all about timing.  “Dad, we’re out of milk.” “Alexa, Red Alert!” “Where is the remote? The game is about to start!” “Alexa, Red Alert!” so on and so forth.  The possibilities are endless.  So this one won’t get chuckles for most when they’re by themselves, but in the right setting the fun is endless — that is until everyone is sick of it.

Funny Alexa Skills

“Alexa, enable Joke of the Day.”

2.  Joke of the Day

There are a handful of funny Alexa skills but not too many that are flash briefing but lucky for us we have Joke of the Day.  Start your morning with a family-friendly joke in your flash briefing. The jokes are often more on the “dad joke”, cheesy, groaner side, and range in length but it’s fun and a great way to refresh after hearing the news and weather.  They always seem to get a groan or a chuckle from us here in the office and both are welcome.  The host of Joke of the Day is professional sounding and the show periodically includes funny quips about the real, current events.  The host always starts those segments off with “In The News!”.  A bit in the Ron Burgundy zone.


Funny Alexa Skills

“Alexa, start being mean.”

3. Meanie

Meanie is not for everyone and parents:  test it out before letting your kids play.  For some, it might be a bit too — uh — mean.  Now that the warnings are out of the way, Meanie is a pretty funny Alexa skill if you think being roasted by your Echo is hilarious.  Basically, you give Meanie your name and then it just goes off on you with some wisecracks about how dumb you are etc.  It gives you the option to stop periodically but will keep digging into you as long as you let it.  You can also decide to use someone else’s name if say your boss is more deserving of Meanie’s abuse.


Funny Alexa Skills

“Alexa, Listen Up!”

4. Listen Up!

Amazon’s own creation, Listen Up is a funny Alexa skill right out of SNL — literally. Once opened Alexa will listen to whatever you have to talk about and when you take a pause, will chime in with affirmation that all of her focus is on you.  You can tell her about your day, about how your boss just doesn’t understand you or turn it on when your better half is rambling on and you want to step out of the room for a while.

Funny Amazon Skills

“Alexa, open Cat Translator.”

5. Cat Translator

Ever wonder why your cat is staring blankly at you or what it means when they are ignoring the new cat food you put out to them?  Well, Cat Translator prob can’t really tell you what they are thinking but it sure will make up something pretty funny that will give you something to talk to your cat about.  Our latest try with Flufatron, our office cat, informed us that he was holding our clean towel hostage and without some food ASAP it was due for a tinkle sprinkle. Finally a funny Alexa skill for our furry friend.

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